To have the ADT Video Doorbell installed on your ADT Command system, there are a few requirements that must be met.

1.) A standard 36 month ADT contract must be signed, and an ADT Command system will need to be installed by Bonsall Security & Automation and monitored by ADT.

2.) As the ADT Video Doorbell is a video device, an ADT service plan which supports video must be selected when signing the ADT contract.  The lowest service plan which offers video service is ADT's Video Lite plan, the standard price for which is $53.99/month (plus tax).

3.) The ADT Video Doorbell requires 8-24 Volts of AC power, which is typically supplied by the existing, hardwired 110V AC to 16V AC transformer for the home's existing doorbell.  If the existing doorbell's transformer is non-functional, you may need to have an electrician repair or replace the transformer before the ADT Video Doorbell can be installed.  Bonsall Security & Automation's technicians are NOT licensed electricians, and cannot repair or replace the 110V AC to 16V AC transformer.  The ADT Video Doorbell cannot operate exclusively on its built-in, internal battery.  That battery only supplies about 40 minutes of operating time without the presence of AC power.

4.) You must have broadband internet access with 2.4GHz (GigaHertz) WiFi capability.  The ADT Video Doorbell cannot connect to 5GHz WiFi. Typically, all WiFi routers support the 2.4GHz band, while some support both.  If a WiFi router is seemingly only generating a 5GHz band, the 2.4GHz band may either be disabled in the router's software settings, or it may not be broadcasting that band's SSID (network name), or the router may be malfunctioning.

5.) You must know your WiFi network's SSID (network name) and password.

6.) At a minimum, you must have an Android WiFi-capable tablet or iOS WiFi-capable iPad or iPod Touch which meet the operating system requirements to install and run the ADT Control app.  For the best experience, an Android smartphone or iPhone is recommended, due to these device's portability over tablets as well as cellular capabilities, which allow for the receipt of notifications and operation of the Video Doorbell when not connected to WiFi, as long as a cellular internet connection to the Android/iOS device is available.

7.) You must have an active email address/account, and be able to log into it to receive the ADT Control welcome email, to be able to set up an account for accessing the ADT Control app.