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* 24, 36, or 48-month contract required. Locksmith fees not included. Electronic strike connections only; Maglocks connections available at additional cost. Includes Brivo Complete service. Choose from three reader styles (mullion-mount, single-gang, or dual factor-capable keypad reader [pictured]), in black or white. Includes 25 access cards and 100 mobile passes.

Brivo Access Control System


Pictured (from left): Brivo ACS300 Control Unit, Cell Communicator, Keypad/Card Reader, Access Card, Access Keychain Fob, Mullion-mount Reader, Smartphone with Brivo Mobile Pass, Tablet with Brivo Onair Interface

The Business World Rotates on its Access.

All businesses utilize some form of access control, even if it's nothing more than a key to the front and back doors. The more keys you hand out to employees, however, the less control you have over the access to your business (are employees coming in at hours they have no business being there? How many unauthorized copies of keys are floating around out there?). So, when you need something more advanced than a lock and key, Bonsall Security & Automation can meet your needs.


As a Brivo Certified Reseller, we offer the most advanced, cloud-based access control systems on the market. That means no more on-site servers that need to be managed, and you get access to the latest features, as they become available. So, whether you need an entirely new system installed, one to replace a current system, one that requires minimal wiring, or even one that can be installed in a remote building, yet managed remotely, Bonsall Security & Automation has a Brivo solution to meet your needs.

Modern Access Control Solutions

Cloud-based Servers

Strikes & Maglocks

Mobile Pass

WiFi & Cellular

Two-factor Capable

Intercom Integration

The Forecast Calls for Clouds

With a Brivo system, there is no on-site server needed to run the access control system. This means that there is no server that needs maintained (software updates, security patches, etc.). You have a system that just works. 


Because of its cloud-based nature, even a multiple-site setup can be as easily managed as a single-site system. You can easily manage users, groups, cards and other credentials, schedules, and more, from a web browser at your headquarters, without having to make an in-person visit to the location where the doors you are managing are physically located.


And, being cloud-based means that new software features rolled out by Brivo can be immediately available for you to use, without having to have your I.T. department upgrade software on an on-site server. As a lot of small businesses contract their I.T. needs to a third-party, that's one less thing that you need to budget in, just to get new features or bug-fixes.

Some Light Reading

Historically, access control systems have utilized card readers along with cards or fobs to determine access privileges. But Brivo access systems can provide options beyond just reading a card or fob, including support for Bluetooth and mobile apps. You still have the ability to assign cards, fobs, and even PINs, but now your users can utilize their smartphones for additional access options.

Factor This

Sometimes you need more security than just swiping a card can provide. In some cases, an employee might drop their access card in the parking lot, or become the victim of a pick-pocketer or mugger. In these cases, you don't want the individual who now has the employee's access card to gain access your building. This is where two-factor authentication comes into play, and a Brivo access control system installed by Bonsall Security & Automation can provide such extra security, if needed.


Two-factor authentication means that two different types of credentials need to be provided together to gain entry. Typically, this is “Something you have” (e.g. your access card or fob) and “Something you know” (e.g. your four to eight digit PIN). This ensures that if an unknown individual comes across your employee's access card, that they still cannot gain access to your facility (just make sure your employees understand the importance of not writing their PIN on their card!).

Thanks, but I'll Mobile Pass

With the ubiquity of smartphones, providing access through an app loaded on your employees' phones can provide convenience and additional security. You can allow doors to be unlocked from anywhere, or you can restrict it to employees who are actually onsite. This can be accomplished by using Bluetooth, which has a limited rage from the reader, or, if you're using cloud access to unlock doors, by requiring that the phone with the mobile app be connected to your company's WiFi.


But, in some cases, you want to allow access from anywhere. If you own an apartment complex, for example, you may want to allow your tenants to unlock the door to the building from their individual unit, to allow a delivery driver to enter, for example. Older access systems on apartment buildings allowed for door release from the individual unit by tying into that tenant's landline phone (or having a dedicated intercom station or phone). But, as having a landline has pretty much gone the way of the dodo, Brivo's Mobile Pass can return that functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Lose the Raceway

Often times, when a regular access control system is added to an already-existing multi-tenant building, such as an apartment or office building, wires typically need to be run from the controlled doors to the access control's head-end. If the building is a multi-floor building, without drop ceilings, the end result is usually to install the wiring inside of wire raceway. And, no matter how straight, how professionally installed, or even painted the raceway is, it can never be made to actually look good. It always detracts from the look of the building, and looks exactly like what it is: an afterthought.


But Brivo systems do not require wiring to be run to a central head-end control unit. Each door can be wired to its own control unit installed directly above the door, and all that's needed nearby is an electrical outlet. As for the control unit's connection to Brivo's cloud servers, this can be accomplished through built-in WiFi, or by the addition of a cellular communicator. And, even if each door has its own control unit, Brivo allows them all to be managed as if they are all one combined system, even when they span more than one building or property (or even city, or state).

Cheaper by the Clouds

Access control systems often have a high, up-front installation charge. This is due to several factors, such as the cost of the equipment and labor, as well as locksmith charges. But, because of the cloud-based nature of the Brivo access control systems, the up-front costs can be less than you might think. First, as there is no onsite server, that cost is eliminated. But, there are also options to subsidize the installation charges, similar to how a security system's installation charges are subsidized by a multi-year contract. This can make getting an access control system installed more affordable than you ever thought possible. Ask your Bonsall Security & Automation rep for details today!

See for Yourself

Even if your business isn't open to the public, and primarily restricts access to allow only employees to come and go, there are times when you still need to allow non-employees entry, such as vendors, service technicians, or clients. Adding an Aiphone intercom system and integrating it into your Brivo access system is the perfect solution. The Aiphone system allows you to see who's at the door, converse with them, and release the door all from that system's master stations. If you don't need to actually see the individual you are conversing with, there are cheaper, two-way voice-only systems as well. And, of course, Bonsall Security & Automation can sell and install the Aiphone intercom system, and integrate its release function directly into your Brivo system, giving you a complete, all-in-one solution.

A Winning Combination

With a Brivo access control system installed by Bonsall Security & Automation, you get a world-class, quality install, and technical expertise that's second-to-none, along with the best access system on the market today. When you combine the latest in technologies, such as mobile app access, and wireless or cellular connectivity, with the affordability of a cloud-based system (including some subsidized installation charges), and the ability to integrate with some intercom systems, Brivo is the best choice for access control on the market. And, as a Brivo Certified Reseller, Bonsall Security & Automation can set up the best access solution for your needs.

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